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Poker Pursuit strategy: How to win?

The card game Poker Pursuit, which looks like video poker, nowadays is not very popular among online casino visitors. There can be many factors, but frankly, speaking many players just do not know about this game, others do not want to learn all the nuances, and others are afraid to bet money, not knowing how to play correctly. 

But still in West World, this type of poker is popular with players due to its small casino advantage. The game is something between the Asian game of Pai Gow and American poker. Pai Gow Poker belongs to the category of bank games. The history of its origin goes back to 1985. It was first played at the Bell Gaming Club in California, USA.

Let’s try to figure out together what strategy should be followed in Poker Pursuit.

The basics Poker Pursuit

The basics Poker Pursuit

Recall that you initially get three cards face down, and two more are revealed one at a time in the following stages. Before you flip the next card, you must decide whether to raise the bet by one coin or leave it the same. Consequently, starting to play one coin, you may come up with a three coin bet by the end of the hand.

The ability to increase your bet is essentially the only difference between Pursuit Poker and classic video poker. For convenience, you can use poker terms and call the first three cards the flop, the fourth the turn, and the fifth the river. You can also use the definitions of check and raises to determine actions with bets.

How to Play Poker Pursuit Right

Although Poker Pursuit resembles video poker and even hold’em at the same time, the client’s participation in the gameplay is limited. Cards can not change, there is no opponent, you can raise the bet maximum three times. This gives reason to say that here the result depends largely on luck.

That is why to go to the raise should, of course, in the presence of a payable combination of the first three or four cards, because it guarantees a larger winnings. Risk as incomplete combinations should be carefully. 

  • For example, three cards of one suit does not guarantee a flush. 
  • Even if they are four, it means that you need nine cards in the deck, and useless – thirty-nine.


Poker Combinations
  • An unplayable pair (of cards below ten in value) is also not such a promising combination. Finding another card of the same value or another pair is not an easy task.
  • So you should only raise on the first three cards if you have a winning combination and an incomplete straight flush or royal flush. On the four cards you can take a chance if you can get a flush or two-way straight.
  • In other cases, it is better to stop at one coin. In the end, if the desired combination comes, you will still get a payout. Even if it is less than it could be.

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