Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino Is The Newest Resort In Las Vegas

It was a star-studded affair at the Mohegan Sun Casino off the strip in Vegas as celebrities and influencers were on deck to celebrate the grand opening of the latest resort to grace the Mecca of gambling. If you can’t reach Las Vegas, you can always bet online at highly rated and safe sites like CasinoChan review, where you can find all of your favorite games.

It was a special occasion in Las Vegas gambling history as the company is the first Vegas property that is run by a Native American tribe.

The casino resort is a coming together of some big hitters in the hotel and gaming industry. The hotel is a part of Hilton, while JC Hospitality has rights over the property.

The casino is a first-class and property and has over 700 slot machines and over 70 table games. The gaming area is spread across a huge 70,000 square feet. The casino features an in-house bookmaker, a massive pool, and over 1700 hotel rooms. There is also a giant lawn for outdoor events and a 5000 seat stage which the casino plans to use to attract some A-list talent.

The casino flew in Mario Lopez and the Bachelor’s Matt James, who gambled up big. Lopez apparently left the casino up a few thousand dollars while James was a small loser. Lopez said he is a pretty good blackjack player and understands how to play basic strategy. However, he is keenly aware that the house always has an edge and only bets small amounts.

The Opening Had To Be Pushed Back

The operator had originally wanted to open back in 2020, but the pandemic threw a spanner in the works, and the casino decided to delay the opening until 2021. The casino has been ready to go since late 2020 after they completed renovations on the Hard Rock casino, which had been originally there before the Mohegan Sun took over and rebranded the property.

How much the casino poured in the new Vegas resort has not been released; however, industry insiders said it was estimated to be over $300 million. The operator seems committed to making the resort work, and there were over 400 casino workers on hand during the grand opening, ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Mohegan Sun Switches Up Management

The former CEO Mario Kontomerkos has left the gaming giant. However, his replacement is keen to get things moving and is proud that he be apart of the first tribal-run casino in Vegas’ unmatched gambling history.

Bobby Soper has returned to the company, and he will head the international gaming department. Soper has returned to the company after a 4-year absence following his quick exit after a scandal involving him not revealing he had an ownership stake in one of the casino’s partners. He was accused of using his position to benefit from the partnership. 

Soper had to pay a hefty fine, but it seems the casino giant is willing to forgive past transgressions and work with Soper on making their latest casino resort a big success.

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