Betting on cybersports

Betting on cybersports: general points

Cyber sports competitions are divided into categories, and the attitude of the teams differs depending on the prize pool. Top teams layout at tournaments with good prizes, while others are entered to practice – to try out strategies in combat conditions, to coach newcomers. This should be kept in mind when betting on eSports – take an interest in the intricacies of the games and the importance of the competition.

Significant Aspects of Betting

important aspect in cybersport betting
  • An important aspect in cybersport betting is that rigged games are easy to arrange here, and the abundance of them even at high level competitions starts to worry the organizers. Glorious disqualifications and trials have cooled down the ardor of those who like easy profits, but still – in cyber games it is easy to intentionally lose a match so that no one can get suspicious, and both whole teams and individual players often take advantage of it.
  • The aforementioned state of affairs is inevitable, as long as the prize money at cybersports tournaments is inferior to that money earned at a bookmaker’s office by leaking, without the risk of getting caught.
  • Significant amounts of money put down on a cyber match will raise suspicion of the rigged nature of the game. The task of the organizers – to make sure that the desire to “make a penny” from players does not arise because of the size of the prize money, and the opportunity to “rip the jackpot” was burdened with the risk of losing everything – a place in the team, the money, and even freedom.
  • Betting on cybersports is fond of hackers influencing the outcome of matches. They place bets, and if the game goes against their wishes, they flood the cyber players’ computers or the game server (which is less common) with DDoS attacks. This leads to the cancellation of the match and bets on it, i.e. in the worst case professional crackers stay with their money.

Tips for betting on Counter Strike GO

betting on Counter Strike GO
  • When betting on ss go it is worth sticking to strategies – bet on “sure things”, gradually increasing the bank or look for overrated favorites and bet on their defeats.
  • In the first case, play at tournaments with a decent prize pool and motivation of favorites – then the risk of plum considerably decreases, and bets bring a small but stable income.
  • At tournaments with insignificant prizes it is better to look for interesting odds on outsiders – they are motivated to prove themselves at any level, play responsibly and with discipline, which increases their chances if a favorite goesofs.
  • In prestigious competitions, due to their format, there are low-value matches where favorites can fool around, experiment – this is the field of application of the outsider betting strategy.
  • To the pre-match predictions are skeptical, as well as the fidelity of the odds of the studios. Cybersport is a new betting direction for bookmakers and they have not yet had time to study all its pitfalls, as well as to introduce analysts specializing in cyber gambling.

Tips for betting on Dota

betting on Dota
  • Dota is a difficult game to predict among the popular cybersport games, and all the cautions about betting on computer games are doubly relevant here. There are no risk-free bets, so it only makes sense to play with an underdog strategy – in which case it’s worth the risk.
  • In Dota the outcome of the match depends on a multitude of factors, including the choice of heroes, individual skill, decision making and team play. In six years of Dota competitions no stable team has appeared, unlike ksgo tournaments, where there is already a caste of top teams that lose only on big holidays.
  • The number of cards played is also important – single card matches can hardly be called an objective measure of strength of the competing teams, in which case at least 50% of success will be in luck.

Starcraft 2 betting tips

Starcraft 2 betting tips
  • In the popular game Starcraft 2, the protoss, terrans and zerg, the game’s races, are the actors. When betting, you need to understand the differences and evaluate the teams based on the race you choose to play.
  • In Starcraft, pay attention to the format of tournaments – the number of meetings within the match varies from one to seven and, the more games in the fight, the less the randomness factor. There are cards that are convenient for specific teams and races and this knowledge greatly increases the chances of correctly predicting the outcome of the match.

Conclusion on cyber sports betting

Betting large sums of money on cybersports is a risk, as there are many pitfalls, unstable teams, experiments and unpredictable factors. Knowledge in the field of cybersports and constant monitoring of tournaments and cyber games does not give you any confidence in your predictions due to the unpredictability of computer games.

For beginners for betting small amounts of money, cybersport is ideal – the unpredictability will serve as a positive quality. You can win a bet with decent odds if you find a match with an overrated favorite. Such duels appear frequently in the line of bookmakers’ offices, as bookmaker analysts are unable to foresee the above described factors affecting the teams’ motivation, and players can catch them at it. Comparing your knowledge of the cyber world with the bookmakers’ odds it is realistic to catch tasty fish in this still quiet (by soccer standards) abyss.

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